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Summer 2008 ends like Michael Phelps

Posted by Joe M. Turner | on August 17, 2008

Summer’s end?  Summer 2008 has been great, and just when you think it’s winding down, it pulls a Michael Phelps finish and pushes just a little farther, a little higher, and keeps getting just a little better!

After the New York and Ocean City trips I did have some time to spend with our visiting Latvian goddaughter, Vika, who we were hosting for a month.  My week in Louisville interrupted my time with her, so when I returned, I really focused on spending time with my family and with her.  I had a two-day show in Macon, Georgia the weekend she left for Latvia, but I did make back to the airport to have some “goodbye time” with her there before her departure.  Kudos to Delta Air Lines for allowing one host parent for each hosted child to accompany that child back to the departure gate!

While that day felt like an ending, the next day was spent packing the show to return to Kiawah Island for a final show of the summer there.

This week brings another trip, this time to Jackson, Mississippi to speak to a group of healthcare managers and professionals there, then I’ll return to Atlanta to lecture and perform at the SEAM convention.

SEAM 2008 logo

SEAM 2008 logo

Like Phelps reaching for the wall, August just keeps pushing along right until the very last moment.  It just won’t quit.  It’s been a great month.


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