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Joe the Magician – video referenced in blogs and print media

Posted by Joe M. Turner | on October 31, 2008

As you know, my “Joe the Magician” video has appeared on Good Morning America (and Nightline), and also on the McCain web site.  I recently found out that it was referenced in some other locations.

The video was referenced in a story by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on October 26 and was picked up in newspapers around the country.  The first part of the story:

McCain hopes to change fortunes with ‘Joe’ campaign, but its effectiveness is unclear

(St. Louis Post-Dispatch Via Acquire Media NewsEdge)
WASHINGTON _ Joe the Entrepreneur, Joe the Shadow and other Joes from all walks of life are responding to a John McCain video contest, part of his late offensive skewering Barack Obama’s tax proposals.

“I work very hard for what I earn and I don’t need Barack Obama to tell me how to spread my money around,” says Joe the Magician, a professional magician from Atlanta and video contributor who turns dollar bills into hundred-dollar notes in front of the camera.

In the campaign’s final days, McCain is attempting a magic act of his own: trying to reverse his political fortunes by relying heavily on Obama’s promise to “spread the wealth” when he met Joe Wurzelbacher, the now-famous Ohio plumber.

So far, the Joe campaign and the GOP effort to paint Obama as a “socialist” appears to be having little impact, judging by polls showing Obama’s leads in Ohio and several other battleground states steady or widening. An exception is Missouri, which remains a tossup according to a new St. Louis Post-Dispatch poll.

The video was linked to on The Heymann Family Journal blog.

It was also referred to (negatively) in a blog by Tom von Alten in Idaho.  While his politics differ from mine and he panned the video and the whole project, he also called it an “instant classic”.  I responded to him as follows:

Hi, Tom!

Even though we differ on politics, I wanted to thank you for at least noticing my little video contribution to the McCain campaign.  “Instant classic” is a nice thing to say.

I just thought I’d clarify a couple of things for you.
– No video editing or camera tricks were used in that video.  I performed it live and could do it for you right now.
– The production values were lame, yes.  I don’t make a lot of videos and was totally winging it.  We were given a short time limit and I just threw that together in a few minutes one afternoon before my kids got home from school.  My wife held our camcorder and we did it a few times until I got the whole thing within the time limit.  If it didn’t ring sincere enough for you in the video, let me assure you that it is sincerely felt.
– The illusion was simply a neat visual metaphor upon which to hang the point I was making… same thing I do in a lot of my work, using magical visual effects as a framework around which to tell the story that my client wants to tell… whether it’s about a person, place, product, company, charity, or other entity.  Waving wheat, ones-to-hundreds, whatever.

Whatever your election leanings, hopefully it was at least momentarily fun to watch!

Thanks again.  Best to you.

Isn’t it strange how something you do on a lark can end up reaching people all over, across various forms of media?  What a great country we live in!

Here’s the video, if you haven’t seen it.


7 Responses to “Joe the Magician – video referenced in blogs and print media”

  1. turnermagic said

    Within mere minutes of my email, Tom Von Alten has already responded – graciously – and has posted his response on his blog.

  2. Thanks for the link, and the interesting dialog, Joe. Given all the awful stuff that’s gone back and forth in this campaign season, it’s nice to know it’s possible to talk reasonably once in a while. I wish our system had some way of rewarding that, and less reward for adversarial behavior.

    How about making pay for members of Congress based on actual performance metrics? (Just that leetle problem of figuring out how to measure the people’s business… budget metrics are going to be a problem after what happened this month.)

  3. turnermagic said

    Another blog reference: Shane’s Drivel. Thanks, Shane!

  4. deanhankey said


  5. turnermagic said

    Another reference: this article in the Indiana Daily Student (Indiana University).

  6. John Cason said

    It was short & sweet! I love how you take classics and modernize them for today’s world… Good job once again.

  7. turnermagic said

    Well, the video showed up in another blog, which I just found today:

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