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Joe the Magician – video now in Museum of the Moving Image

Posted by Joe M. Turner | on November 6, 2008

In what is almost certainly the final chapter of my little campaign video, I just found it online at The Living Room Candidate, a project of the Museum of the Moving Image.

The Living Room Candidate - logo

My video is a commentary-captioned retrospective of “real person political ads” going back to the 1950s! It includes footage of supporters, presidents and candidates — Eisenhower, JFK, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Kerry, Edwards… and me! This particular collection was put together by Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Errol Morris.

A grateful hat tip to Mr. Morris for including me in his playlist!

What an interesting odyssey this has been!


One Response to “Joe the Magician – video now in Museum of the Moving Image”

  1. turnermagic said

    Now referenced on Dodd Vicker’s “Magic Newswire.” Thanks, Dodd!

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