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Featured speaker/performer at Atlanta Tea Party

Posted by Joe M. Turner | on April 16, 2009

Last night I was a featured speaker and performer at the Atlanta Tea Party, the largest such gathering in the nation! My performance before the 15,000+ attendees illustrated that no matter what the message, magic can be an effective and entertaining way to communicate it to an audience.

Coordinated at the grassroots level, the Atlanta Tea Party was a collection of people across party lines who are seeking a return to common sense in government policies relating to taxation and spending. It was a great night!

The Atlanta Tea Party was held at the State Capitol in downtown Atlanta. Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel broadcast his show live from the gathering. While I did get any airtime on FNC, the great news is that I performed for somewhere upwards of 15,000 people last night at the Atlanta Tea Party. I did get to meet and snap photos with Congressman Tom Price, Dick Armey, and Sean Hannity. I even met Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher, whose offhand question to then-candidate Obama began a wave of media interest that landed me on a report that was featured on Good Morning America.

When I first arrived at the event, it looked at first as if I might be cut from the program schedule altogether. When Sean Hannity got on site, the producer demanded several changes to the schedule at their hour; nobody was to be on stage during the actual broadcast. The organizers had to cut an hour of programming… and my planned 5-minute set was one of the pieces on the chopping block. They were able to put few people back on the program by running people on the main stage during Hannity’s commercial breaks. The people restored to the program were Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, Congressman Tom Price, and me! I was onstage during the 9:30pm commercials. I was fortunate to be part of that group, as there was not enough time to restore several other scheduled performers and speakers to the program.

Hannity’s show was tightly packed and packaged and set… there was no way I was going to get on this time. (But that day is coming, I am sure!) I am told there is a video of my performance from the feed that went to the jumbotrons; I’ll try to get my hands on it.

Here are some photos from the Atlanta Tea Party.

with Joe the Plumber (cell phone photo)
JMT with Joe the Plumber Wurzelbacher

with Sean Hannity (forgive the silly face — trying to snap this in an instant as he was passing by and shook my hand — no time to get someone to take it for me)
JMT and Sean Hannity

with former House Majority Leader Dick Armey
JMT with Dick Armey

with Congressman Tom Price
JMT with Congressman Tom Price

Waiting backstage to go on and escape the chains of socialist policies combined with irresponsible government spending…
JMT backstage at the Atlanta Tea Party

Performing on the stage at the Atlanta Tea Party during a break in the Hannity show; those two folks are about to pull that chain through my midsection!
JMT on stage at the Atlanta Tea Party

Here we go… we have to pull together if we’re not going to be bound by debt and socialism.
JMT on stage at the Atlanta Tea Party

And we’re through — they pulled it right through my body!

JMT performing on stage at the Atlanta Tea Party


2 Responses to “Featured speaker/performer at Atlanta Tea Party”

  1. Did you point out that you Conservatives has spent eight years wasting billions on a pointless war, that you’ve spent eight years destroying the economy? Or is it all Obama’s fault still?

    • turnermagic said

      I understand your argument, and while I disagree with you about the war being “pointless” and whether conservatism is responsible for our economic crisis (Congressional liberals who forced lenders to offer mortgages to high-risk borrowers much shoulder a significant part of the blame for the real estate meltdown that was and is a major part of the recession), I heartily share your frustration with irresponsible spending in the prior administration.

      For context on why the change in decibel level, though… here is a glimpse at why those of us who were perplexed, miffed and disappointed at PGWB’s absurd spending (especially in the home stretch of his term) are now so much more appalled, concerned, and alarmed at PBHO’s proposed spending as he steps up to the plate.

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