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Turner featured on Public Broadcasting Atlanta

Posted by Joe M. Turner | on July 15, 2009

Joe M. Turner and two of his colleagues were recently featured in a documentary about magic in the Atlanta area. The segment is featured on “This Is Atlanta,” a production of WABE – Public Broadcasting Atlanta. It will air repeatedly during July and August 2009.

Georgia Magic Club featured on "This Is Atlanta" “Some of you may know that I was elected to the executive committee of the International Brotherhood of Magicians at their recent convention. But even before that, I was active in the organization; I currently serve as the Territorial Vice President for the state of Georgia, and am a past president of Atlanta’s “Ring 9,” also known as the Georgia Magic Club. Here’s part of a note I sent to the executive committee about this latest press hit.” — Joe M. Turner

IBM Ring 9 (The Georgia Magic Club) recently received an excellent bit of local promotion via a documentary piece on Public Broadcasting Atlanta.

At the January meeting, a producer from “This is Atlanta” attended our ring meeting and shot some video for a proposed segment on magic in Atlanta. Current Ring 9 president Debbie Leifer arranged it and was careful to let them know that we wanted to be protective of the secrets while also emphasizing the openness of the club to visitors and potential new members.

After the meeting, the producer and Debbie invited Ken Scott and myself to participate in more indepth interviews and additional performance segments.

The finished product will air in Atlanta during July and August, but it is now available for viewing online. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. This link takes you straight to the page where you can read about the segment and click to view the video.

The segment treats both the club and the art of magic with a wonderful combination of humor and respect. I extend my congratulations to Debbie Leifer for her success in bringing some great local press to IBM Ring 9, and to all the other Ring 9 members whose appearances in the piece represented our art and our organization so well to the viewing public.

Edited —

Click here to view video on YouTube.


2 Responses to “Turner featured on Public Broadcasting Atlanta”

  1. turnermagic said

    When the station adds the video to their YouTube channel, I will link to it from here. In the meantime, you must visit their site in order to view the video.

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