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Atlanta Magician Turner: 4 Magical Ways to Grow Your Business

Posted by Joe M. Turner | on September 10, 2009

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Atlanta Magician Turner Presents Four Magical Ways to Grow Your Business in a Challenging Economy

My presentation today at the Paulding Business Association was on four things I am doing to grow my business.  I offered these tips and reminders as much for myself as I did for the audience.  What were the points?

  1. Identify and measure more specific audiences and target my marketing to them more effectively.  Exactly who am I trying to reach… what are some specific characteristics about them?  How can I help other people help me reach them?
  2. Identify new markets by thinking about different ways my services can be used.  What’s on the other side of that idea I had… that new commercial I saw… that new promotion I heard about?
  3. Strive to keep my communications with clients and prospects both current and relevant.  Is my language appropriate for my audience?  Am I presenting my business with professionalism and credibility?  Am I using new technology effectively?
  4. Do some unusual, offbeat things to generate and sustain buzz.  Where would they least expect me to find their card?

I introduced each of these points with a bit of magic or mentalism — then I expounded on how that experience related to the point and illustrated an idea that they could take away and apply to their own businesses.

The result of all this?  A presentation that communicates useful ideas to an audience in an engaging manner, encouraging both retention of the information and immediate action. Information and entertainment, blended into a presentation that is part show, part seminar.

Are you a member of a chamber, business association, or other group that would enjoy and benefit from a presentation like this? Contact me!


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