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Atlanta Mentalist Turner reads thoughts, bends objects on CBS Atlanta News

Posted by Joe M. Turner | on November 23, 2009

Last Thursday I appeared on CBS Atlanta News at 11 as part of a story related to the CBS series “The Mentalist.” The idea for the tie-in was to seek out people in Atlanta who shared one or more similar skills with Patrick Jane, the protagonist on the series.

Atlanta Mentalist and Magician Joe M. Turner on CBS Atlanta News

Atlanta Mentalist and Magician Joe M. Turner on CBS Atlanta News

From an interview that lasted 75 minutes and involved several different demonstrations, the final report included only a couple of quotes and a couple of nice visuals. I was introduced during the first part of the segment as a performer specializing in using unusual mental techniques to create psychological effects to surprise and entertain audiences. (There are clips of me performing some word tests and psychokinetically bending a borrowed quarter.) The story then took a turn toward criminal profiling, matching the application of mental techniques represented in the television series. Keith Howard, a certified criminal profiler, was the subject of this portion of the story.

During much of the unaired portion of my lengthy interview, I covered many of the same content points that Howard mentioned, describing the search for non-verbal inconsistencies under some amount of tension as a “tell” — even in an entertainment context.

You can watch the full video report here and read the text here.

As it happened, my short interview and performance clips were used as the basis for all the teasers. I have uploaded a video compilation of the teasers and my portion of the report which you can view here.

(Thanks to Rick Silver, Joseph Daniels, and Max Maven, each of whom contributed to the success of this appearance!)


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