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Turner named FEA Atlanta Magician of the Year for 2009

Posted by Joe M. Turner | on January 27, 2010

Family Entertainers of AtlantaIt seems impossible that the first month of 2010 is almost complete, but this January has been one of the busiest ever! This is a welcome continuation of the year-end momentum from 2009.

On the first day of 2010, Family Entertainers of Atlanta named me “Atlanta Magician of the Year” at their annual “Power Training Day.” FEA is an organization comprised of a variety of family-friendly professional entertainers and other business owners in the metro-Atlanta entertainment industry. It was formed about two years ago, but the age of the association doesn’t at all diminish the honor I feel in being singled out for an award by any group of my peers in this wacky industry. Thanks, FEA, for your respect, friendship, and this honor. (I should mention that this is a separate award from the Greater Atlanta Magician of the Year trophy, which is voted on specifically by Atlanta-area magicians, including both professionals and hobbyists. I won that prestigious award in 2000, and am now the first and only performer ever to win both!)

Speaking of that FEA “Power Training Day” — I was tapped by that group to deliver a talk on the art of negotiation for self-employed performers. It was extremely well-received… so much so, in fact, that I was asked to extend the training over the coming year and add more next January. (Perhaps I should compile my notes on the subject and share them more widely – would that be of interest to you, dear reader?)


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