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Recent Interviews and News Stories

Posted by Joe M. Turner | on August 12, 2011

Interview on Get Connected TV:

GET CONNECTED Interviews – Joe M. Turner from Brent Brooks on Vimeo.

Interview on the Dottie Coffman Show, WIMO Radio (7/28/2011)

Two news stories in the Patch (include video)

‘Chief Impossibility Officer’ Coming to Powder Springs

Georgia’s own CIO will be in Powder Springs on Tuesday.

No, Joe M. Turner isn’t a chief investment officer—he’s the Chief Impossibility Officer.

A speaker, mentalist and “sleight-of-hand expert,” Turner owns his own business, Turner Magic Entertainment. He’ll be talking at the Powder Springs Business Association’s monthly luncheon mainly about successful ways to market small businesses.

Marketing, Magic Meet at Ford Center

When thinking of someone who can deliver speeches on marketing, Joe M. Turner admits that magicians don’t typically pop up in people’s minds.

But Turner, a speaker, entertainer and owner of Turner Magic Entertainment, is invited by organizations from all over to speak on the topic. Turner spoke for the third time at a Powder Springs Business Association monthly luncheon on Tuesday.

Using entertainment as an attention grabber, Turner applies modern marketing and small business strategies to his craft.

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Good Morning America Appearance

Posted by Joe M. Turner | on October 23, 2008

I had a surprise this morning when I was informed by a friend that she had seen me on Good Morning America.  It was in a story about “Joe the Plumber” and the effect that this iconic everyman has had on the election.

Now I don’t discuss politics on this blog, because neither your nor my political leanings are relevant to whether I will do a great job speaking or entertaining for you at your event.  I’m sharing this experience because it illustrates an interesting point about linking the performance of magic to a message… whatever the message may be.

A few days ago, the McCain-Palin campaign invited supporters to submit videos about why they are like “Joe the Plumber” – and this morning, Good Morning America did a story about the effect of “Joe the Plumber” on the election.  The story referenced the McCain video project, and a short but magical excerpt from my video was included in the story.

Here’s a link to the ABC story – I’m on about 33 seconds from the end.

Here’s a link to the original video I submitted to the McCain campaign:

I hope you enjoy watching both of them.

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