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Your Hidden Skills

Posted by Joe M. Turner | on April 11, 2011

I recently had the opportunity to perform a skill I didn’t even know I had until a few months ago.

I was at home after a conference where my presentation had included a performance of a staggering mathematical demonstration using an array of numbers which combine in a series of surprising ways.  I use this impressive demonstration of memory and lightning calculation to illustrate and emphasize a few key points depending on which keynote I’m delivering, and it is always a topic of conversation among the attendees afterwards.

Anyway, I had returned to  Atlanta and was playing the piano – one of my favorite ways to relax.  The piece I was playing that day was Robert Schumann‘s Romance in F#, Opus 28 No. 2, to which I was introduced by my college piano professor Dr. Geraldine Collins.  (Incidentally, I owe Dr. Collins much love and gratitude for using this piece to help me learn to appreciate the subtleties of tone and dynamics at the piano.)  The Romance in F# is a wonderful piece of music, and as I played it my mind drifted back to the recent speaking engagement.  I discovered that afternoon that I could perform the required calculations to present the mathematical demonstration… while simultaneously playing the Schumann.

“This,” I thought, “is the nugget of something special.”

Atlanta Magician and Mentalist Joe M. Turner performs his "Schumann Square" in Nashville.

Atlanta Magician and Mentalist Joe M. Turner performs his "Schumann Square" in Nashville.

Last week I had the opportunity to put this in front of an audience for the first time, while performing on a magic cabaret show at a Nashville theater.  While I’m still working on the overall staging, I can tell already that this could become a signature piece.  (If you’re in the Nashville area, you’ll get another chance to see this unusual performance piece on May 3; keep an eye on my Facebook page for details.)

One reason I have always liked my number grid presentation (even sans piano!) is that I often use it to talk about combining our skills and resources in different ways to achieve our goals.  When we face change or challenge, we may have to call upon multiple skills and experiences to reach our desired goal.  It may mean a team has to change to combine skills and talents differently, but it can also mean that an individual has to combine his or her own capabilities in ways they’ve never imagined.

Even though I don’t know you, I am convinced that you have amazing skills and capabilities that you don’t even know about.  They lie hidden in each of us, buried beneath layers of negative self-talk and false preconceptions about the nature of creativity.  Why am I so certain?  Because nobody else on earth has the specific combination of skills, experiences, and observations that you have.  Every person is, in the most meaningful senses, a “diverse” individual.  Even people who share common experiences perceive those occurrences as individuals and bring their own interpretations to what they have seen and heard.

Because nobody has precisely the same skill-set and experience-set that you have, nobody can replicate the combinations that you can produce.

When is the last time you tried combining two seemingly unrelated skills?  Did you have an interest as a teenager that you could try combining with what you do now?  How does your hobby inform your professional life, and vice versa?

Experiment with combining your interests and skills in unexpected ways.  You may discover the nugget of something special, too!

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Atlanta Magician Turner: 4 Magical Ways to Grow Your Business

Posted by Joe M. Turner | on September 10, 2009

PBA logo

Atlanta Magician Turner Presents Four Magical Ways to Grow Your Business in a Challenging Economy

My presentation today at the Paulding Business Association was on four things I am doing to grow my business.  I offered these tips and reminders as much for myself as I did for the audience.  What were the points?

  1. Identify and measure more specific audiences and target my marketing to them more effectively.  Exactly who am I trying to reach… what are some specific characteristics about them?  How can I help other people help me reach them?
  2. Identify new markets by thinking about different ways my services can be used.  What’s on the other side of that idea I had… that new commercial I saw… that new promotion I heard about?
  3. Strive to keep my communications with clients and prospects both current and relevant.  Is my language appropriate for my audience?  Am I presenting my business with professionalism and credibility?  Am I using new technology effectively?
  4. Do some unusual, offbeat things to generate and sustain buzz.  Where would they least expect me to find their card?

I introduced each of these points with a bit of magic or mentalism — then I expounded on how that experience related to the point and illustrated an idea that they could take away and apply to their own businesses.

The result of all this?  A presentation that communicates useful ideas to an audience in an engaging manner, encouraging both retention of the information and immediate action. Information and entertainment, blended into a presentation that is part show, part seminar.

Are you a member of a chamber, business association, or other group that would enjoy and benefit from a presentation like this? Contact me!


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