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Atlanta Magician – Mentalist – Speaker Joe M. Turner | News and Comments from the Chief Impossibility Officer

About Joe M. Turner

Professional magician, mentalist, speaker and M.C. Joe M. Turner is a corporate entertainment specialist based in Atlanta, Georgia. He creates customized corporate magic presentations for promotional, motivational and entertainment events in the United States, Canada and Europe. By adapting his performances to emphasize his clients’ key messages, Mr. Turner has developed a niche as “The Chief Impossibility Officer.” He has also served as a magic consultant, writer and director for theatre, film and cause-related promotional projects on the national scale. Mr. Turner has entertained prominent elected officials, sports figures, corporate leaders and other celebrities. He has performed and been interviewed in numerous television, radio and print appearances, including a highly rated feature on CNN Headline News.

Joe combines seven years of corporate experience in training design and development, business communication, human performance development and change management initiatives at Fortune 100 clients with extensive theatre experience and magical talents to create customized magical presentations for his clients.

Joe is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, the Society of American Magicians, the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and the Fellowship of Christian Magicians. He is a member of the Magic Circle in London, having achieved the degree of Associate of the Inner Magic Circle (with Silver Star). He was awarded a Ph.D. in magic by the FFFF Convention.

Joe is also a popular speaker, onscreen and onstage talent, a professional pianist, an accomplished vocalist, composer and playwright. He and his wife have one daughter and one son.

2 Responses to “About Joe M. Turner”

  1. Beverly said

    Wow, you get to do what you love for a living. A gift. I appreciate you posting in Atlanta, where I live. Atlanta is a vibrant city and is growing by leaps and bounds. Good information and very interesting!

    Beverly Mau

  2. jorgeolson said

    Great Bio on Keynote Speaker.

    I have been to the Magic Castle, I love it!


    Jorge Olson

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